Having a friend from other country one of excitement that I ever felt, and I start it up since 2015. I surfed so many search engines,apps,till watch a tutorials on youtube about the international friendships. Till I realised if it can be tough, when you met someone that doesn't in the same path as yours. But truely it depends on your intentions and reasons why you're interest into this. Just giving some advices, The atmosphere of International friendship is getting spacious recently, and so many participant from various countries, if you're looking online friends you can visit : Recomeneded  Chatting Application 

an application  To be honest, I love this progress but it seems like the more participants, then the more people comes with the opposite  intentions of reason the application or website is created or you can  say break the terms and conditons. As I told you above, 2015 Was truely changed my life. For the first time I have a friend, I mean like a truely friend that could understand me truely as who am I  from Pakistan. To be honest it's a honour for me becoming their friends, like friends that  never let you down and lonely, place to share, and supporting system that I never felt before. I'd like say thanks for all of you. So here's few points of my experience after about 5 years becoming friends of Pakistani. 



This truely describe pakistanis, most pakistanis have an open minded nature, they accepted the differences and respect them. Times gone by, it forms a lasting friendship and supportive one. One the thing I really like as a muslim and as their friends.They always say " Allah Hafiz" at the end of our conversation. that means : Allah Hafiz! (اللہ حافظ) = Good bye I always like their style to end the chat. And mostly they're so polite to start the conversation, they usually use salam   ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ



This is my favourite  part after 5 years being friends of Pakistani. they are the best place to tell about our day, good problems, happiness, ideas and suggestions. They can also be a great companion entertainer when we are sad and like to help us when we need help. Their very friendly response makes me feel even more comfortable to be friends with them. Their sense of empathy and sympathy, which is followed by their high humor, makes them a fun and not boring companion.


 3.Expressive and  high sense of tolerance

They accept differences and consider differences as an opportunity to increase knowledge and skills. Most of them have the samegoal and intention of international friendship, namely to practice English, and they are very expressive, most of them like to send photos of special foods tosend photos of daily activities. The thing that really stuck with me was one of the portraits of my best friend who was at the river Ravi, and it just so happened that my name started with Ravi. It became commonplace for me if one of them called me a river. haha I think it's a funny and fun fact for me


 4. Friends in kindness

Friends who remind us of kindness, They are excellent confidants. As a confidant, sometimes as a friend, I tell my complaints and life problems. But they always help and provide solutions to do good again and keep positive thinking. As fellow Muslims, sometimes we experience "futhur". But with the grace of Allah SWT, they reminded me to return to positive thinking and keep evil away from my heart. and this is a characteristic of friends that are hard to find, and thank God Allah SWT grants me a good friend.


5. Unique the way they're

unique: because it is very unique, most female friends do not post photos on their social media, and most men post their photos using their male Kondura or Thwab. and in my opinion it is very unique and becomes its own character. as a female too, I also don't post my photo on my social media. due to privacy reasons, but this is also a reflection and motivation to follow clothing trends that are appropriate to use and are indeed prescribed in Islam.


 That's all informations I can share, I hope its useful. Thank you and see you in next blog. Don't forget to spread informations and love by sharing. and see you

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